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Do You Need LED Lighting for Your Patio Canopies and Awnings ?


Published by admin July 14,2021

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Do You Need LED Lighting for Your Patio Canopies and Awnings ?

We understand that you’ll likely want to use your patio cover or awning both day and night; after all, just because the sun’s gone down shouldn’t mean you need to retreat inside, especially if you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a meal outside.

LED Patio Canopy Awning lightLED Patio Canopy Awning light

Investing in integrated LED lighting when make a patio canopy or awning will ensure that you always remain in total comfort and can continue to make use of your garden or patio well into the night.

Our LED lighting comes with three size 30cm ,50cm and 100cm, using the latest technology to deliver an energy-efficient solution. For our awnings, there’s the option of adding LED lighting under the cassette or arms, whilst for patio canopies, you can add LED lighting to the frame or roof; there’s also an assortment of RGB colour options for louvred roof models.

We know that our clients want ultimate convenience, which is why our integrated LED lighting is fully controllable at the touch of a button, with the option to dim the lighting if desired.

Features of our integrated LED lighting

The LED lighting  have a range of awesome features and benefits:

  • Poly Carbonate Channel with 3M glue tape
  • Electric powered track -  Neat & Easy Install  in Awning
  • Frosted Diffuser - No LED spots -real comfortable light 
  • Aluminium Shell - Strong & Stable Metal Finish, good in heat
  • Linkable to creat one piece of light for customize lengths
    30cm 50cm 100cm size options
  • Energy efficient
  • 24v LEDs
  • Polarity Free
  • Cable free
  • Seamless connection
  • Fully integrated


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