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How many times does the average RVer have to change the light bulbs in their RV?

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    Published by admin May 26,2020

    Once, if they are LED!

    The lighting in your RV is just as important as the lighting in your home. It’s what allows you to complete your day-to-day activities in the comfort and leisure that your RV is meant to provide. There is nothing worse than having to bring out the old flashlight or better yet, lantern because one of your main light bulbs has burnt out – for the third time in one summer.

    There are so many different lighting options available for your RV to choose from. The key is finding the one that lasts the longest, is easy to install, is suitable for the type of RV adventure you have planned and isn’t too harsh on your wallet. In this typical scenario we suggest coming over to the bright side and considering LED lights for your RV 

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    LED lighting is one of those things where you have to consider the quality before you look at whether or not you are getting the best bang for your buck. As Dack mentioned, “in this instance cheaper isn’t always better!

    The lifetime of LED lighting is one of the largest reasons that it can be beneficial to make the investment. “If you replace your RV lighting with quality LEDs you will never have to change them again” says Daoust “you end up saving money at the end of the day if you have gone to the effort to buy quality bulbs – you get what you pay for.

    The other thing that makes LED lights worth the investment is the amount of energy that they use. Both Dack and Daoust mentioned the significant energy difference between LED light bulbs versus classic incandescent bulbs.  LED lights can draw up to 90% less power and use only 2 watts/hour, compared to incandescent lights that use 20 watts/hour. This is a huge difference and you will really begin to notice it especially if you enjoy doing a lot of boon docking or dry camping.

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