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How Many Watts for RV Light?

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    Published by admin May 26,2020

    RV light\

    RV is becoming more and more popular,especially in America and Australian,  more an more people like taking a RV and enjoing their vication with their family.

    How many watts need for RV? That depends on what you consider a necessity to be able to run at the same time. Look at the load you plan to power via the RV generator at the same time. Pick two to five things that you require to be able to be supported by the generator. Note that starting watts tend to be higher than running watts, so you’ll have to total up both starting watts and running watts for all of these items.

    If you don’t know the actual load of your RV appliances, you can use general rules of thumb. The typical RV fridge needs 600 watts to start and 180 watts to run. Slow cookers need 170 to 270 watts both starting and running, while a 650 watt microwave needs 1000 watts from start to finish. A small flat TV needs 120 to 200 watts. Don’t forget the power many smart TVs draw even when officially off so they can come on instantly. Satellite receivers need about 250 watts continually as do laptop computers when powered by the generator. A radiant heater uses around 1300 watts at both startup and when continually running.

    Air conditioners are the energy hogs of the average RV. A seven thousand BTU rooftop RV AC needs around 1700 watts to start up and 600 watts to keep it running. A larger ten thousand BTU RV AC needs around 2000 watts to start up and 700 watts to keep running. After you’ve added up the starting watts and running wattage of what you consider the base load, you know how much power your generator needs to provide. Using the examples of a small AC, fridge, TV and microwave, the starting load if you turned them all on at once would be 3420 watts while the running load would be about 2000 watts. And that doesn’t take the load of any light bulbs into account. So if you want to be able to run an air conditioner and a few other basic appliances around the same time, plan on at least a 3000 starting watt generator and 2000 watt running output.

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