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How To Choose An Effective LED Motorcycle Daytime Running Lights?

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    Published by admin July 14,2021

    It is therefore important to refer that above information to take into account when considering DRLs for motorcycles.


    Motorcycle LED daytime running lights usually are bright white or yellow. Besides making others see, yellow daytime running light can be more effective in the poor condition of traffic, such as dusk, rain, etc. According to the Thompson 2003 study as above table,  a dedicated DRL with yellow light seems a highly cost-effective DRL. Thus it is effective for preventing motorcycle accidents.

    Size & Number:

    Based on reports through many field testing and studies, motorcycles with DRLs are more conspicuous than motorcycles that do not have them.

    In order to evaluate the relative conspicuity of several headlamps for motorcyclists, Donne conducted a field experiment depending on the frequency of which the motorcycle was detected and recognized.

    The experiment was based on the notion of drivers fail to see motorcycles occasionally. Of course, the motorcycles were not equipped with any conspicuity aid.

    From the analysis, it shows that motorcycles conspicuity was enhanced from 53.6% to 64.4% as a result. Specifications for DRLs were assessed, and it was confirmed that  two lamps and lamps more than 180mm diameter had more impact compared to single or smaller size lamps.

    We can learn from the above info, the Dedicated DRL and yellow turn signals have the best effectiveness for reducing the collision rate!

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