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What components are needed to make led mirrors?


Published by admin April 29,2021

LED mirrors are becoming more and more common in our lives, many glass manufacturers began to make led mirrors. As a mirror manufacturer, what do we need to do to make led mirrors? Today i will talk about this question. As a mirror manufacturer, they must know how to make mirrors, so I won't focus here. We focus on how to install smart switches for LED mirrors.

First of all, you need to prepare led strip, smart touch switch, transformer, and know how to remove mercury from the mirror and use laser engraving machine to mark the switch of the mirror.

For LED strip, 2835 led strip is the most commonly used led strip, without waterproof function. Of course, you can also use waterproof led strip, but the price of waterproof led strip will be a little more expensive. Install the led strip around the mirror.

2835 led strip for led mirror

For Smart swtch: there are many types for you choose. If you only want something simpler, you can choose model FDS060 touch on/off or FDS060-D touch dimming switch. If you want something more complicated, you can choose FDS061 with time, temperature, or FDS 062 with  bluetooth speaker and FM radio.  In addition, you can also select the switch of anti-fog function FDS060-TF. and connect the anti-fog film. So that your bathroom mirror will not always be foggy when you take a bath

touch switch for bath mirrortouch switch for mirror

Don't forget 12v transformer. Because our switches are all 12v, you need a transformer to convert the voltage to 110v or 220v. About the wattage of the transformer, it usually depends on how long the led strip you use.

Ours 2835 led strip usually is 6W per meter, and most customer will choose 15W adapter or 20W adapter.

mirror touch switch


When you have led strip, touch switch and transformer ready, you can start the installation. Next i will talk how to insatll touch switch on the back of mirror. All these product you can find on our company website, and if you have any question welcome contact us.

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