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How to install a strip Light on mirror?


Published by admin April 19,2021


Mirror with light is more and more popular in our life. Have you found our bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, make up mirror etc.all with light? Is it very troublesome to install led light strip on mirrors? No! It’s very easy for us! Let’s take a look as some different ways in which LED lighting can be used to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of mirrors around the home!


Adding a back-light to a mirror creates a soft diffused glow that helps to draw the eye, and acts as the perfect source of indirect illumination when the mirror is in use. Because the light remains ambient, this type of installation method is best for decorative applications. Often, depending on the mounting style, mirrors may have a short frame in which the glass has been recessed. This edge is perfect for adhering LED strips, facing in an outward direction. Our Lighting Designers typically recommend led strip for accent lighting work such as this. Simply measure the total perimeter of this backside edge, and order your preferred color of flexible LED strip in that length. All that’s left to do is to connect to a 12V power source and the controller of your choice, and let the magic begin!


Built-in Lighting

The idea of having a mirror with built-in lighting may not be new. In fact, as far back as the 1960s retailers were selling make-up mirrors with built-in bulbs. But with the arrival of the LED revolution, the concept has become more popular than ever. Built-in lighting is especially beneficial for those more functional mirrors in bathrooms and closets, where a higher lumen output is required to accomplish certain tasks. Using LEDs behind a sand-blasted segment of mirror will alow the light to come through in a diffused glow, right where you need it most. Many of these types of mirrors can be ordered as pre-made units online for thousands of dollars. But for the serious DIYer with the right tools, this built-in look is certainly not beyond reach!

led strip lightled strip lightled strip light

In-wall Lighting

Similar to the effect of built-in lighting, in-wall lighting allows customers to achieve a more direct diffused glow, without any additional glasswork! Inspired LED has tested and designed a wide variety of aluminum extrusions and lenses specifically intended to be mounted in 5/8″ drywall. While they may require a bit of cutting and routing, the results are surely worth the effort. These recessed channels and snap-on lenses can be used to frame a single mirror, installed between mirrors side by side(as pictured), or run horizontally in a single beam. With so many sizes and styles to chose from, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

led strip lightled strip light

No matter which technique you chose for your mirror lighting, Fitled LED is here to help! 

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