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What are the misunderstandings about indoor led lights?


Published by admin May 19,2021

Many people think that indoor led lights are just to light up the home furniture. It is enough to make it practical. If you think so, you made a big mistake. Actually, there are so many misunderstanding about indoor led lights.

1. The bigger lights wattage is, the brighter lights are.

White woven lamps and fluorescent lamps can roughly use the value of the bulb watts to judge the intensity of the illumination, except for the LED lamps. The same brightness, the white woven lamp may be 85w, and the LED lights only needs 12W, so the brightness of the indoor led lights is not determined according to the wattage. How to judge the brightness of indoor led lights? That is lumen. You can easily understand that the lumen value is a measure of the amount of light energy, the greater the lumen value (lumen) is, the stronger the lights are.

indoor led lights

2. No difference between main lighting and auxiliary lighting.

When designing the lighting, we must first consider the day and night changes of the natural light source of the space, and then focus on the auxiliary lighting according to the spatial attributes.

3. Non-waterproof and non-smoke proof kitchen lighting

Kitchen smoke is large, indoor led lights should be waterproof and smoke proof, it is best to choose glass material because it is easy to clean. The most important thing is that the kitchen should be equipped with led counter lights apart from ceiling light. If there are some hanging cabinets above the operating area, you can install an Fitled cabinet light at the bottom of the hanging cabinet. It is more convenient when you are cooking.

4. No color temperature of indoor led lights

The color temperature is mainly based on the subjective feeling of the individual. Generally, the yellow light gives warmth and the white light gives people a refreshing and bright color. The color temperature is suitable for home at 3000-5000k.

indoor led lightsindoor led lights

5. Ignore the functional indoor led lights

Some of the functional indoor led lights in the home can't be ignored. For example, the entrance light is best to be made into a led sensor light, so that the light will be on when the home light is automatically turned on. The living room and bedroom use dual control switches for easy control.

6. No cleaning about indoor led lights regularly

Generally, if the indoor led lights are not bad, we will not care about him. After all, the lights are so high that they are too lazy to clean up. However, it is best to clean it once every six months to increase the service life of the lights and the performance of the light source.

indoor led lightsindoor led lights

All in all, when we firstly decorate our home, we should make a complete arrangement in case that we want to change that after home decoration, which is so troublesome.

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