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New product: LED Lighted Closet Rod


Published by admin May 19,2021
If we could build the perfect room from scratch, what would it look like? What features would it contain? Let’s have ourselves a little daydream…

Disorganized closets are almost entirely the result of owner negligence–laziness, indecisiveness, those kind of things. But there are some structural factors which make closet maintenance more of a challenge. Having to work with flawed closet systems makes disorganization let’s not say excusable, but at least, more understandable.

closet light

Chief among the closet-set-up-hurdles is darkness. Proper lighting is crucial in order to not only enjoy occupying any space, but also to like, be able to see stuff in it. It’s difficult to hang a blouse in the proper section when it’s too dark to distinguish mohair from denim.

Take it from me, who spends rather a strangely expansive amount of time huddled in various positions in dark closets–some dang light can make a world of difference.

But listen, if we’re going to add lighting in the closet, why not illuminate the main course directly? Forget spotlighting the boring old walls because whatever, walls, and instead focus the light on what’s really worth paying attention to: the clothes.

LED hanging rods. These are the ultimate solution to dark closets, and also recall the fruit rollups commercials circa late 90’s, what fun will they roll out next? and such.

The metal clothing rods are equipped with built in LED bulbs, which shine down in the most benevolent manner on all the frockery.

So, have I sold you? Are you adding them to your (wish) contractor’s list? Let’s discuss cause this is some riveting bizznass and I am telling you!

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