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What Advantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors?-Part Two


Published by admin July 17,2020

There are numerous advantages of bathroom lighted mirrors:

– Energy efficiency. LED = lower energy bills with an efficacy of over 50,000 hours.

– Quality lighting that provides the perfect illumination with no shadows which is ideal for makeup application and shaving. Most LED lighted mirrors come with a variety of colour temperatures with cooler and warmer lighting options.

– They avoid the need for above mirror bathroom lighting to prevent shadows falling on the face in the bathroom.

– Most quality bathroom lighted mirrors come with anti-fog properties allowing immediate use of the bathroom mirror after showering.

– An ambient light that is perfect to create a calming atmosphere for relaxing in a long hot bath or shower.

– A stunning design feature for the bathroom that exudes luxury and enhances aesthetics of the entire room.

Whatever lighted mirror you choose, you can guarantee it will create a stunning effect in your bathroom.

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