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What are the benefits of using LED lights?

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    Published by admin July 17,2020


    There are so many advantages to using LED lights in your caravan, motorhome boat or campervan that we’re pretty confident you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t made the switchover sooner! So, just what benefits can you look forward to?

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    Why should I buy regulated instead of the cheap Ebay LED lights?

    Our Regulated LED bulbs will operate safely on any voltage between ten and thirty volts, and last for up to 80,000 hours continuous usage.  Remember, 12v DC only bulbs, will only run safely and efficiently at exactly 12 Volts, and your leisure battery is rarely exactly 12v.

    A fully charged leisure battery is producing 12.7 Volts plus, and a battery when charging, can reach in excess of 14 Volts.  These voltages will damage un-regulated LED lamps, even burning them out immediately, at best drastically shortening their lifespan.

    Astounding Leisure Power efficiency

    Standard light bulbs tend to operate at only 20% efficiency whilst LED light bulbs run at an impressive 80% efficiency! The rewards of such efficiency are eco friendly operations and a low power consumption which will not only put less strain on your leisure battery but also cost you less in energy bills!

    Durability and a long lifespan

    LED lights don’t contain any fragile inner components such as filaments or tubes which can be prone to failure making them far more durable than other types of lighting! They’re also terrifically resistant to heat, cold and vibration and have such a long, enduring lifespan (with some LEDs lasting up to 20 years!) that you might actually never have to replace an LED light bulb following installation in your caravan or motorhome!


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