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What Reasons to Get LED Stair Light?


Published by admin July 14,2021

The LED step lights can help prevent you from stumbling and falling while using the stairs at night. If you’ve ever stumbled on the stairs at night or worse, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why Solid Signal offers this unique LED stair light. It makes for easy foot travel inside and outside your home.

led step light

1. It Helps Keep You Safe

It features three built-in LED lights to help keep you from tripping and falling.

2. Long-Lasting LED Light

The LED light can last up to 30,000 hours, which is 10+ years when using for eight hours per day.

3. It Turns on Automatically

The lights in the device turn on when motion is detected, i.e., you walking up or down the stairs.

4. Battery-Saving Technology

It features a built-in sensor that makes sure that the light ONLY turns on when it’s dark.

5. More Energy-Saving Technology

The light turns itself off after 30 seconds, which saves battery life.

6. Easy Installation

You can mount this light to your stairs using screws or the simple peel-and-stick option.

7. Perfect for Outdoor Stairs

This LED stair light is weather resistant. Install it on those patio or garage steps with confidence.

8. Great for Indoor Use, Too

Since this stairwell light is so easy to install, you can use it inside your home, too. That means no more slip-and-falls in the middle of the night!

9. Sleek, Modern Design

It’s the stairwell lighting that easily fits in with any home’s décor, inside or out.

10. Two-Pack Option

Solid Signal offers this useful LED stair light in an affordable two-pack. (We know that some people might need more than one light to stay safe.)

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