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What things we need do when we looking for rv lighting?

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    Published by admin May 26,2020

    There are some differences between an RV and a traditional home, though. So we made a list of some of the top things that we were looking for in our RV lighting.

    • Battery Operated: I didn’t want to have to try to wrestle with wiring and difficult installation, so that ruled out any spotlights that had to be hardwired into our RV.
    • Controlled Motion Activation: Since we find ourselves in a lot of different situations, we wanted lights that could easily adapt to our circumstances. So after some research and asking around, we decided that we wanted a spotlight that was able to be motion activated, but that we could also turn on & off with a remote. That way, when we are in a campground and parked directly next to another RVer, we can turn off the light with the remote and don’t have to worry about it shining in our neighbor’s window.
    • Easy to Mount / Dismount: We wanted spotlights that we could hang outside of our RV to add extra light above our motorcycles and the sides of the RV. However, we wanted something that we could easily take down before we start driving down the highway.

     led rv lighting

    this light with dimming switch which allows us to control the brightness from 60, 90, or 140 lumens. And our favorite feature of the remote controlled security light is that we can manually turn on and off the lights from the remote! (I am sure that the RVers who park next to us are very thankful for that feature as well! ;) And the lights come with this really cool wall mount that allows you to unscrew the light itself from the mount and take it down when we drive!

    These lights are so easy to use and have given us a lot more peace of mind when we are parked in poorly lit areas.

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