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Why You Should Install Under Cabinet Lighting ?


Published by admin March 19,2020

under cabinet light

You spend an alot of time in your kitchen. American adults spend more than 225 hours a year preparing meals and cleaning up. Why not make your daily kitchen chores quicker and more enjoyable with additional under cabinet lighting?

There are lots of reasons why installing lighting under the top cabinets in your kitchen is a good idea. These are just a few of them:

It's an easy upgrade. Installing lights under the upper cabinets in your kitchen is a relatively simple project, yet the results provide tons of additional value for you. In less than a day, a Kitchen Tune-Up professional can light up your kitchen by giving you a practical way to solve many common kitchen issues as well as adding a feature potential home buyers in the future will want. That should brighten your day.

Display your style. You already spent a lot of money putting in your designer countertops, and it would be nice to be able to show them off in the best possible light. Installing lights under your top cabinets will let you and your guests appreciate the beauty of your countertops. Besides letting you fully enjoy countertops, under cabinet lighting adds a bit of a designer home allure to your kitchen. 

Lighting makes food prep easier. This is one of the most practical reasons for adding under cabinet lighting to your kitchen. You know preparing your meals under a cabinet is often a challenge because it is too dark. Additional lighting makes chopping and reading cookbooks so much more of a pleasure. Don't serve under-cooked meat again just because your kitchen was too dim to make sure it was cooked thoroughly. 

xtra lights can actually reduce your energy usage. When you install lighting under your cabinets, you should think about using them as task-based lighting solutions. This means that instead of turning on all the overhead lighting each time you have a cooking task in your kitchen, you can just switch on a single under cabinet light where you need it. Over time, this can lower your energy bill especially if you use low energy LED bulbs. 

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