Mirror Light Sensor Switch

Mirror Light Sensor Switch

12V Antifog Film for Bath Mirror
Defogger Film
Defogger Film
Defogger Film
Defogger Film
Defogger Film

12V Antifog Film for Bath Mirror

Product Specification:
  • Antifog Film :
  • 12V/220V :
  • Customzied size :
  • Rectangular, oval,round:
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  1. Product Details

12-24v/ 110-220v Heating Film Mirror Glass Defogger Pet Heating Pad

defog film

Voltage: 12-24V ,110-240V ,50Hz/60Hz

Average temperature rise: 15 celsius

Wattage: 200W/m

Insulation material: PET

* Product thickness: 0.4mm, this thickness guarantees the effective transfer of energy.
* Power saving: temperature maintained after the product is powered, effectively saving the electric power
* Strong security: Sustainable quality materials imported guarantees the strong insulation, no power under humid conditions
* Various options: the heating area of the electrical defogger is made in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval,
round etc. This not only plays the role of mirror demising but also meets the personal requirement of creating a more
comfortable and beautiful environment.
* Easy to install: the electrical demister with self-adhesive backing glue, easy to install to mirror and work effectively.

defogger film

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