Sensor Cabinet/Closet Light

Sensor Cabinet/Closet Light

12V Closet Lighting with PIR Motion Sensor
12V Closet Hanger light
12v Closet light with motion sensor
12v closet light
12v closet light

12V Closet Lighting with PIR Motion Sensor

Product Specification:
  • Model: FDL027-B
  • Product Name: LED Closet Light
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Power: 12V 6W
  • LED Color: 4000K/ 6000K
  • Size: 1000* 15 * 30 mm
  • Switch: PIR Motion Sensor
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  1. Product Details

12V Closet Lighting with PIR Motion Sensor Black Color

ModeL FDL027-B

Model LED Type Wattage Voltage LED Color Lumen Size
FDL027-B SMD2835 6W 12V 3000/4000/6000K 550 30

*Specification of closet light with sensor base on standard length 1m, length can be customized  

* Closet light with sensor turn on when door is open and motion is detected in 150cm 120 degree range, light turn off automatically, delay time 30 seconds

Detailed pictures of closet light with sensor:

closet light

closet light

closet light

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