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What are the differences between puck lights and down lights?

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    Published by admin September 17,2021

    In our life, puck lights are widely applied in some commercial spaces, like clothing store, museums or some art galleries. You may find that some are led puck lights and some are called down lights. But what are the difference between them, because they have similar function.

    Firstly, Function difference.

    In commercial lighting, down lights mainly provide uniform, comfortable and soft functional basic lighting. The lighting is mainly concerned with the spacing of the lamps, the illumination and uniformity of the ground, and the matching of the lamps themselves with the ceiling.

    Puck lights are often used for accent lighting in space. They are used to illuminate objects that need to be highlighted, such as decorations. They can produce clean, clear spots and highlight the objects that need to be expressed to enhance the effect.

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    Secondly, concentrated lighting effect

    The down lights are a basic lighting fixtures that can be used as auxiliary lighting. Because of its large illumination range, they are diffuse diffused light source. It does not condense light and has a low temperature, but it is more concentrated than ordinary light-mounted main lamps. The down lights keep the uniformity and perfection of the light, and do not destroy the effect of the ceiling art because of the setting of the lamp.

    Puck lights have a small illumination range and are very concentrated so that the illuminated object can be highlighted. Because of its concentrating nature, it is generally not necessary to look directly at the puck lights to avoid irritating the eyes, but it can enhance the layering and focus of the space.

    Thirdly, the light angle

    The down lights are usually fixed directly down, and the puck lights can be rotated to adjust the angle of the light. The adjustable puck lights have a wide angle and can be down lights when they are under vertical illumination. Multi powered puck lights are spotlights at relatively low levels and can be used as down lights when relatively high.

    puck lightspuck lights

    Lastly, the installation

    As a kind of auxiliary lighting, the down light are equipped with other lighting methods and can be installed in a large or long space to avoid blind spots, such as the living room, corridor or aisle.

    As a decorative lighting, the puck lights are divided into two types of recessed puck lights and wall mount puck lights, which can play a leading role in overall illumination and local lighting. They are more installed in the living room wall, porch shoe cabinet, restaurant wine cabinet, study bookshelf, bedroom, bathroom bathroom mirror and so on.

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