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What are the main points about hotel lighting?


Published by admin September 17,2021

In modern society, hotel plays an important role in people's life. When you are travelling with your family or have a business trip, hotel is the first choice for them to have a rest. If they can find a beautiful and comfortable hotel, it will be better for their trip. The first feeling about hotel is hotel lighting,because it determines the mood and atmosphere of the hotel. Hotel lighting consists of four levels: overall ambient lighting, work lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. To enhance the visual appeal of space and create a more attractive environment, how to combine these four lighting and balance among the four is the key to achieving the hotel's overall harmonious lighting.

1. Overall ambient lighting

Overall ambient lighting is the primary source of hotel lighting, providing sufficient brightness as guests and employees move around. In general, the illuminance should be between 100-200lx.

The diffuse lighting effect creates a comfortable lighting environment for the guests. Peripheral lighting, or vertical lighting, is a special way of lighting in the overall ambient lighting, which helps to clarify the scope of each space and make the space look bigger. The specific lighting are generally used to achieve the corresponding effects. For example, the wall washers, in addition to creating a pleasant and relaxing environment, enhance the visibility and make the display wall better. In addition to providing a good visual comfort to the user, the uniform brightness on the vertical surface also makes the entire space look more spacious and more recognizable.

hotel lightinghotel lighting

2. Work lighting

Work lighting is a lighting method used in a specific area to provide a more concentrated lighting effect and a higher level of illumination, often used in some office spaces as supplemental lighting for overall ambient lighting, such as conference rooms and certain desktops.

In work lighting, shadow and glare should be avoided. The chandelier used in the front desk is a very good example. The illumination level of the working lighting should be between 300 and 600lx. Compared with the overall ambient lighting, the contrast ratio of the working illumination is 3:1, and only can be detected by the difference between the two by eyes.

3. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is the third point to talk about about hotel lighting. In order to increase the focus of the scene, it is necessary to produce a more concentrated lighting effect, which helps to increase the depth of field and contrast, and better highlight the shape, texture, finish and color of the displayed items. It must be careful when using accent lighting. It is not right to use accent lighting in any item or anywhere. In general, it is recommended that the ratio of accent lighting to overall ambient lighting be 5:1, but this also depends on the items displayed. If the displayed items are darker, then the ratio needs to be increased to highlight the details of the displayed items. 

hotel lightinghotel lighting

4. Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting has two main purposes: to enrich the lighting level of the hotel environment; to enhance the design of the space. Commonly decorative lights are: chandeliers, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps. The use of these hotel lighting indoors not only enhances the fun of the space, but also contributes to the overall layout of the lighting. While enhancing the decorative sense, aesthetics and character of the space, it also strengthens the theme and style of the space, which is an important image of the brand image.

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