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How to Choose Best Motion Activated LED Light Strip for Your Home?


Published by admin August 15,2022

Accent lighting is a great way to spruce up your home space. For example, the area under your kitchen cabinets can be dark, which makes the whole room feel gloomy. Try to use a good set of under-cabinet lights, you’ve got a charming, cheerful kitchen. The same is true for your closet, wardrobe, bookshelves, alcoves, and other nooks and crannies inside your home. In all of these scenarios, an LED light strip can be an excellent solution to your problem. LED lights can also be used for closets, to light up furniture, or even to accent your electronics. The key is to find the right light strip for your needs.

Since different light strips come with their own features and benefits, it can help to focus on one kind. One useful feature to look for is a built-in motion activated. With a motion sensor, your LED lights can turn on automatically when you’re in the vicinity. This doesn’t lend itself quite as well for always-on applications, like a bookshelf accent. But it’s a great feature for more utilitarian scenarios. For example, a motion sensor can turn on under cabinet lights when you’re working in the kitchen. But just because a light has motion sensors doesn’t mean it’s automatically a winner. You also want a light that provides good overall quality.

Today, we’ll be introducing a good motion activated LED light strips for you-Motion Sensor LED Light Strip. This is a purpose-built under-cabinet LED light strip with ultra-flexible corners. 

Pir sensor strip

This light strip comes in 1/2/3 meters or customized length. At one end, there is a motion sensor controller. The controller has a little motion sensor built into it, as well as a pair of control buttons. There’s a little USB pigtail protruding from one side of the controller. It runs on any standard USB power supply, including USB wall outlets, laptops, and USB adapters. The back of the strip has a removable backing with a 3M mounting adhesive. The kit also includes a set of plastic clips, which can be used to screw-mount the lights.

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