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What Are the Most Common Interior Lights Used by RV Manufacturers?


Published by admin May 24,2024

Owning a recreational vehicle is an experience best-lived with all the quality RV equipment in place. Even if one of them is outdated, your adventure might turn bitter. So, if you are planning to add a little luster to your RV trip, why not start with the best RV LED Lights out there?

Most RVs come with a pre-installed incandescent and fluorescents, which are more expensive but less sustainable. Moreover, the LED lights offer a much clearer vision for your late-night picnics at the RV parks.

Personally, I prefer to use replacement LED lights in my fifth wheels as soon as I can for a safer and hassle-free trip. Here is a list of my favorite top motorhome LED lights, which will solve most of your RV woes.

RV LED light fittings are available in so many types and options. You can buy different ones for installing inside or outside your RV. So keep reading as I’m going to reveal some models that I have come across over the years, and hope it can help you to consider too.

1. Ultrathin LED Panel Light

caravan light

The Ultrathin Touch Dimming Panel 12v LED RV lights are an incredible way of lighting up your RV. It is a compact solution that can be installed in a fifth wheel, bathroom, hallway, boat, cabin, or compartment.

The aluminum profile avoids heat up and causes issues when you are wondering if turned on for a long time, the panel has been mounted in aluminum, allowing better heat dissipation.

You can order this item in 30cm, 53cm and 57cm in size so that you can fit these ultra-thin fixtures anywhere in your motorhome. The installation is pretty easy, too, with the black wire for positive charge and white for negative. It is light in weight and has a compact design.

There is a button and switch to adjust the brightness and turn the light off and on when needed. When you turn the light off, it always comes back on with the brightness it was switched off.

These lights draw 12 volts of DC from your RV power, which is not too much, and the luminous flux it offers is a whopping 560,850.1200 lumens, perfect for the RV. The pearl lens on the light ensures that you get a brighter and clearer light.


2. Silm LED Puck Light

rv light

This led puck light are more lightweight, slim, and elegant in design since they are shaped like a puck and can be mounted on your ceilings. The unbelievable design of these lights allows you to install them in the tightest spaces like spice cabinets in the RV and enjoy the lighting.

As for the installation, this LED RV can be mounted on any given surface in just a breeze by screws. All you have to know is that the black wire carries a positive and white negative charge, you will be surprised to discover how easy it is to use the light.

I love how installing one light can take me years of RVing without worrying about the lights for my cabinets. Plus, it doesn’t draw over 12-volt power and offers perfect LED lighting of 290 Lumens. The 4000K Nature White light is an added advantage of having these lights in your motorhome.

The build of this light is pretty robust as the manufacturers have used the latest plastic material with a frosted lens to disperse the light evenly. The base will ensure that the light doesn’t heat up too quickly since it is made up of aluminum.

3. Reading LED RV Light with USB, Dimming and LED Color Change Switch

RV reading light

If you are looking for an elegant solution to solve all your reading woes in your RV, then you should opt for these Reading LED Lights by Dream Lighting. These are safe and reliable options, and you order two of them at one go. I installed them in my RV so that my partner and I could have separate lights for reading when we were off to bed.

I like that you can order multiple styles of these decorative RV interior lights to suit the RV’s interior so that they do not look out of place and blend in well. 

There is a swivel joint in the mount so that you can move the light beam and direct it in a particular direction. The switch will allow you to turn the light on and off, adjust and change the led color with on-hand action.

The light itself is a clear and soothing white flush that is perfect for the night owls who like to spend some time reading or writing a diary before they head to bed.

The size of the light is not much, making it suitable for most of your RV spaces, ideally around your bed, since most of the reading takes place. If you are worried that the lamp would fall off and break while you pass a bumpy road, the shock-proof design won’t let that happen. The surface mount makes it an easy product to install with three separate parts to attach.

We also have more other types LED light for RV, Caravan, Camper, Boat interior, welcome contact us for factory price!

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