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Do You Know The Great Uses for Puck Lights?

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    Published by admin June 04,2024

    Good Lighting in our home can make a difference in our mood and overall happiness.Do you have any interested in a lighting project for your home? Not sure what kind of lights you need and where to place them? We suggest you try puck lights.

    Puck lights can do wonders for your home. They can illuminate areas you never thought of and cast a warm, happy glow around your home. Not sure how to use them? Read on to learn about 8 great uses for puck lights.

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    What is a Puck Light?

    A puck light is a small light that is shaped triangle, oval or round. Puck LED lights are convenient and easy to mount. You can buy them in various intensities. You can even get dimmable puck lights for nighttime use.

    Puck lights can be battery operated, or you can plug them in. Puck Light can come with sensor switch like hand wave sensor switch, motion sensor switch....

    Why Use Puck Lights?

    Puck lights are great for adding accent lighting to areas in your home ,Most commonly, they are used in the kitchen to highlight countertops, or closet, cabinet, also can as a shelf light, bookcase light.

    and you also can use them for lighting projects throughout your home or as additional lighting for your workspace.

    7 Creative Uses for Puck Lights

    1. Underneath Cabinets

    The standard use for puck lights is underneath kitchen cabinets. The soft glow of the lights illuminates your countertop space.

    The bright general lights in your kitchen don’t do much to reflect the beauty of your countertops. If you have a reflective countertop surface, such as granite, puck lights are perfect for highlighting their beauty.

    2. Highlight Decor on a Shelf

    Puck lights are not just for practical uses. The effect of puck lights casts a spotlight on the item it illuminates.

    The lighting is perfect for highlighting your favorite vase or decor piece on a shelf.

    3. Inside Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, or the Pantry

    Want a late night snack but don’t want anyone to catch you? Don’t turn on the light! Instead, install puck lights in your cabinets and food pantry. Guide the way to bedtime snacking.

    Have fancy tableware? Install puck lights in your kitchen drawers to show off your silverware too.

    4. Create a Reading Nook

    The soft glow of puck lighting is perfect for reading.

    Do you have a window seat? You can create a small reading nook with fluffy pillows, a fuzzy blanket, and dimmable puck lights. No window seat? Clear out a corner of your bedroom and transform it into your reading space.

    Puck lighting can make it easier for you to read before bedtime.

    Now all you need is a good book.

    5. Walkways and Outdoor Seating Areas

    Summer nights were made for sitting outside on your porch swing or outdoor patio. Finding the right lighting can be difficult. You don’t want the lighting to be too bright and feel like you’re indoors. You also don’t want a bright light that would block out all the stars.

    Puck lights can cast the perfect light outdoors and retain that dark, cozy atmosphere.

    You can also install puck lights to your walkway to make it easier to find your footing at night.

    6. Hallways

    Have you ever found yourself stumbling in the hallway in the middle of the night? Or if you have young children, it can be difficult for them to see where they’re going at night.

    You could put a nightlight in the hallway, but that can look childish. Instead, you can install classy puck lights along your hallway to avoid nighttime stumbling.

    7. In the Bathroom

    Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of the night. You’re half-asleep, and you need to go to the bathroom. You walk into the bathroom and turn on the light. Your eyes take a few seconds to adjust.

    After a few minutes, you are suddenly wide-awake. You go back to bed, and you spend the next hour or two tossing and turning.

    Why does this always happen?

    Light interrupts our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is how our bodies regulate our sleep and wake cycles.

    The light you turned on signaled your brain that it’s daytime, and it’s time to wake up.

    To avoid this, you could add dimmable puck lights in your bathroom. The dimmed light is less likely to affect your circadian rhythm, and you’re more likely to drift off to sleep easier.

    8. In Your Office

    Our productivity is affected by light. Research shows that 68% of workers are unhappy with the lighting in their offices.

    Bright, harsh office lights can reduce our productivity and make us stressed by increasing our cortisol levels. Lights that are too dark can strain our eyes. The best type of light for our productivity is light that is soft and looks natural.

    With puck lighting, you can do away with the bright lighting and customize the intensity of the light that you want for your workspace.

    Interested in Installing Puck Lighting?

    Are you feeling inspired to take on a lighting project for your home? Want even more inspiration for puck lights? Read our blog for more project ideas and tips to get you started.

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