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How Good Anti-fog Film for Mirror!


Published by admin April 16,2024

As a mirror manufacturer, do your clients want a clean and bright bathroom mirror? Are your clients bothered by water mist on the mirror after showering in the bathroom? Then come and install an anti-fog film for the bathroom mirror!

Defogger Pad/Demisters/Anti Fog Film/Defroster Heating Pad

The anti-fog film also called Defogger Pad/Demisters/Heating Pad/Defroster Heating Pad. Fitled Anti-Fog Film provides a permanent Anti-Fog solution and enhances visibility for your bathmirror! 

Why you choose our Anti-fog film. There are some product features of our heating pad.

Thin thickness: With a thickness of 0.4mm, the thin product can not only ensure its strength but also is beneficial to its heat transfer and installation.

Diversified specification ns: anti-fog film does not limit to the limitation of specifications. We are capable of supplying customized products according to the requirements of client.

Multiple shapes: The heating area of anti-fog film can be customized, including square ,ellipse and sector etc. they can meet the personalized design and create comfortable and beautiful environment.

Save electricity power : After power, anti-fog film will be under constant temperature , which can efficiently save electric energy.

Safety and security: anti-fog film is made of imported top-quality environment-friendly material ,complying with the corresponding national standards; which can ensure its strength ,insulation ,and avoid electricity leakage damp condition.

Easy to mount: By adopting the whole adhesive surface design, anti-fog film is easy to attach onto mirror.

★Made of imported PET material;

★Easy to resist high temperature, with the softening point and hot melting temperature over 180 and 260℃ respectively; never deforms when heating at low temperature;

★With outstanding wear-resisting property;

★High electric insulation, no dielectric breaks down under 2750V for 1min;

★Use imported heater strip

★NO harden in winter and soften in summer;

★Meet international certification of CE,UL,ROHS,SAA and PSE;

★The service life over 10 years。

If you want to take this anti-fog for your bath mirror, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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