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How to Install Heat Pad on Mirror?


Published by admin July 17,2024

Bathroom mirror with heat pad is becoming  a popular trand now. Here some tips to help how to install heat pad on mirror.

First, choose the right size of heat pad for mirror. The specifications of anti-fog film should be determined according to the mirror size ,in order to ensure me installation firmness and safety of anti-fog mirror as well as the effect mirror surface anti-fogging, we suggests you to ensure the height of anti-fog mirror surface by 50mm respectively as anti-fog specification(coat the glass cement directly to let it contact with mirror surface it ensure safety ;coat the glass cement on the film surface in the middle).The specifications of the anti-fog film cannot be larger than that of the anti-fog mirror (do not cut it out); otherwise it will be not installable. Moreover, if should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the of mirror surface. For the anti-fog mirror needed to drill holes, the place with holes must be cut off when determining the specifications of anti-fog film. Reserve square hole, round hole or notch in advance.

How to Install:

1.Put the mirror horizontally on the table with the soft packaging materials beneath;

2. Clean and remove dirt and protrusions from the back of mirror;

3. Position the anti-fog film and the back of mirror.pull the protective paper down slowly and use a towel or rubber roller to wipe the anti-fog film repetitively to make the anti-fog film contact the mirror back. closely. Since the bottom of the anti-fog film is whole adhesive, the anti-fog film can be mounted simply and solidly.

1.Terminal box:In order to facilitate installation,it is required to required to install the power source and  terminal box at the position shown as follows:

2.Base surface treatment:In order to improve thermal utilization tare,the artificial board with the thickness around 12mm is generally on the walls in the installation area of the anti-fog mirror :This is the base board.

3. Power connection:The power to the anti-fog film is positive or negative pole free, by  connecting  the  conductive wirt at the power in put end woth the conductive wire of anti-fog film.

4. Installation of anti-fog mirror :  Apply theneutral neutral silica gel on the base biard with certain spacing,and then attach the anti-fog mirror at the designated position of walls.

5. Power control of anti-fog mirror :The anti-fog  mirror  can  share  the same  switch with the lamps,fan and lamps in bathroom;Alternatively an independent switch can also be used.

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