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Replacing Old RV Light Fixtures with Ultrathin LED Light Fixtures


Published by admin March 25,2023

Replacing Old RV Light Fixtures with Ultrathin LED Light Fixtures

There are a few good reasons to replace your RV’s old light fixtures with our ultrathin panel RV LED light.

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Older lighting fixtures are often eyesores making it more appealing to just change out the entire fixture. In other situations, the fixtures may come as an entire assembly making it impossible to change the bulb even if you wanted to.

There’s also the situation where your light fixtures may operate on AC voltage requiring you to use an inverter to power them wasting extra energy unnecessarily. In this case, it may require some minor wiring changes to convert your lights to DC voltage so be very careful when you undertake this task or hire a professional if you aren’t comfortable.

It can be difficult to find new fixtures with the same footprint as your old ones so be prepared to do some paint touch ups or get creative with decorative mouldings. Inexpensive wood trim or caulking can be a cheap and easy way to fill small or medium sized gaps around fixtures.

We have a great selection of 12V RV lighting options. 

Light fixtures installed under cabinets and in closets are rarely seen and therefore it is less important to match the sizing or worry about the style.

We replaced our old countertop light fixture located under the kitchen cabinets with a waterproof LED light strip along the entire counter length which gave us better lighting but is never seen. The LED strip came as a roll so we could cut it to the length required and it already had an adhesive backing to it which made installation super quick and easy.

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