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Why Choose FITLED Smart Home Stair Light?


Published by admin March 25,2023

Do you want to get led lighting for your staircase in the dark? Do you want to get smart led stair lighting? Fitled will provide you with the best stair lighting ! Why choose Fitled led stair lighting?

led stair lightsensor led stair light

First, available in a wide range of colors: Our LED strip lights come in different colours, with some of them even providing a colour-changing option for people that want to switch up the mood by using varying shades. Our colour option categories (warm white, cold white, colourful, and so on) allow you to sort the products by colours and choose the one that fits the best on your staircase. If you use white light, it is important to understand which white colour temperature will look good in your home on your staircase. Not all the white light will fit your home design needs and gives the best results.

Second, create a dramatic focal point: Nowadays, more and more people use linear LED lights for the staircase in their home. They are installed directly on the stairway instead of the simple recessed wall lights. These LED strips are usually placed well with their midpoint aligned to the centre of the step. You can create a minimalistic elegant design as you cannot even see the fittings. This type of installation lights each steps evenly, an effect that cannot be created with overhead lighting, low-level recessed wall lighting, or wall sconces.

Third, save energy: LED staircase lighting saves electricity by using small amounts of electricity to provide the perfect amount of light. Also, the heat produced by LED strips is low compared to some other light sources and products. The controller, motion sensors, and optional timer ensure that the lights are only on when needed.

Fourth, smart controller with motion sensors: The smart controller includes a control unit and two motion sensors - one for the bottom and one for the top of the staircase. The controller with motion sensors provides you the best features of our stair lighting system. The controller will turn on the lighting on the stairs when one of the motion sensors is triggered. The lighting will illuminate the steps immediately with the set program, depending on the type of controller you choose. After a set time the lighting on the stairs will automatically turn off. The controller programs also allow you to adjust the intensity of the light (i.e. brightness, high to low) and the speed they turn on. This is the best solution to create an energy-save and also a safe home environment for your family. Even the darkest staircase in the house can be lit effectively by our star lights solutions.

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