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How to Choose Amber LED Marker Light?


Published by admin February 01,2023

LED Marker Lights are crucial for trucking, signaling to those around you the location and dimensions of your truck in poor visibility situations. They're even apart of many DOT regulations. However, an LED marker light can double as a beacon of style, illuminating your Rig in a way that’s uniquely you. Shop Raney’s variety of side marker lights from top brands like Grote, trux, and many others! With a brilliant array of colors options to select from and a multitude of different sizes like ¾ led marker lights, it has never been easier to create your own masterpiece to keep your Rig shining even after the Sun has set. We also have plenty of RV marker lights too!

For automotive light bulb, white, red and yellow lights are legal on cars and trucks and most of original car lights are all using halogen bulbs with these three colors.

But, for LEDs, the leading companies, including Philips, Osram, Cree, Nichia, Epistar, present white LED only. Few of them have yellow led but it is several times the price than white led. So now 90% yellow led on the market is made by not-famous manufacturers in China or South Asiatheir quality and defective rate are hard to be controlled well. Besides, the maximum working power of these yellow led is much lower than white led, we couldn’t allow making them on high power led bulb. That means yellow led bulbs couldn’t have high performance and is possible to have CANBus problem in Germany cars. How to deal with this problem? We need a solution.

Yellow light is common used for turn signal light. The standard turn signal light is amber color, which can refer to a range of yellow-orange colors.

Researching the OEM front and rear turn signal light on different vehicles, we find that actually there are two types of turn signal lights only.

  • Transparent cover with amber color halogen bulb,
  • Amber color cover with a standard halogen bulb.

Then we try to replace the halogen bulbs in transparent cover and amber color cover with our white led bulbs under different color temperatures; finally, find the solution.

See the images below; we do four groups of comparative experiments

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