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How's RV LED Puck Light?


Published by admin May 05,2023

If you aren’t a fan of the double dome design, FITLED RV Puck LED Light might be more your speed. This option features a structure shaped like a puck, hence the name, which gives it a more elegant style than a double dome option.

RV Puck LED Light

You can utilize this puck-like design to install these lights into tight spaces that most other LED lights have no chance at fitting. People have even mentioned installing them in cabinets with effective results, which is remarkable.

This design earns excellent grades when it comes to sturdiness, as well. Each of these lights consists of high-quality plastic material and a superb aluminum modeling base. It should have no issues holding up for several years on board your rig.

I couldn’t believe how easy this product was to assemble, either. These lights only require three screws and a flat surface for effective installation. It makes for one of the most manageable LED light installations among these products.

Buyers should rest easy knowing these lights earned the US standard cETL Quality Certification, as well. This aspect ensures using the lights won’t result in some unseen or untested side effect that could cause a dangerous situation.

I always feel a lot more comfortable with these types of products, which earned those certifications. It puts my mind at ease when having these electrical products within my motorhome.

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