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How To Choose Sensor Switch for Hotel Wardrobe Light?


Published by admin September 28,2023

Many hotel wardrobe projects will choose interior led lighting, then what kind of sensor switch we should use for hotel wardrobe projects? this article will give you some examples.

There are many types of switches we use with led lighting, like touch switch, touch dimming switch, hand wave switch, motion sensor switch etc. But the most offen choose for hotel wardrobe is door sensor switch and pir motion sensor switch.

1. For Walk-in closet usually use PIR Motion Sensor Switch, because it doesn't have a door. PIR sensor can work with lighting as when people coming the closet to choose the clothes they want, light will on. and after humen leave closet 30 seconds light will off automatically. This work way can provide more convenience for humen and save a lot of enougy.

pir sensor switch

2. For closet with door, we usually use door sensor switch. Door sensor switch work with light when client open the door take their clothes, light will on ,and when client close the door, light will off.

door and hand wave sensor switch

The door switches we use are photoelectric switches.

1, photoelectric switch principle, it is the use of the object to be detected on the infrared beam of shading or reflection, by the synchronous circuit selection through and detection of whether the door or hand shading.

2, infrared is invisible light, wavelength 780nm to 1mm.

3、The photoelectric switch should be avoided under strong light.

4, door induction distance control within 50mm best.

Suggestion: the light-sensing distance is not the farther the better, reasonable just okay.

Some cases that required double door sensor switch, no matter which door is open,  the light is on, when closed the double door, the light is off.

Now do you know how to choose sensor switch for your closet?

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