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Our New Product LED Stair Light


Published by admin August 15,2022

There’s a lot of (digital) writing about the lighting of kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc. However, one area is often overlooked… the stairs. The lighting of stairs often takes second place, but the importance of good lighting for the stairs must not be underestimated.

stairs lighting with LED strips is a modern way of lighting, allowing to increase the safety of movement on the stairs by good backlighting of each stair steps. Stairs lighting with LED strips also emphasizes the shape of the stairs and brings out the beauty of the materials used for their construction. Also possible intelligent control of lighting brightness by the PWM method over time significantly affects the final visual and decorative effect of stairs. Thanks to the LED backlight, safe, comfortable, energy-saving stairs are created, and at the same time extremely effective, being its showcase. LED stair lights not only reduce the chances of accidents but can even add value to the home, raising the prestige of the house and its value.

A dark stairway is extremely dangerous. A single misstep can have a painful outcome. Stairway lighting improves safety and prevents accidents. This is why we recommend that even a small set of stairs – two or three steps – be well lit.

led stair light

Model Number


Product name                                                               

LED Step Stair Light                                    


12V / 24V




pir motion sensor

Light color


IP Rating



recessed led stair light



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