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What Advantages of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors?

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    Published by admin November 29,2022

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    Mirrors of all shapes and sizes have the ability to enhance the space and light of a bathroom, though no mirror exudes luxury and provides the perfect reflection quite like a lighted bathroom mirror. Lighted bathroom mirrors are not all that new. Hollywood mirrors have been around for decades and have lit bathrooms and dressing rooms with their individual lightbulbs to create the ideal reflection for makeup application. This style of mirror can still be purchased today with LED light bulbs for those who desire a retro look.

    Today’s lighted mirrors have not only improved their ambient technology providing a better light for makeup application, tweezing and shaving, their design impact in the bathroom has greatly improved. Lighted mirrors come in both round and rectangular options, in a variety of sizes with framed options and frameless; where the light itself becomes the frame. These mirrors are an elegant touch for the bathroom yet their LED technology is extremely energy efficient saving $$$$ on your electricity bill and avoid having to install above mirror lighting to prevent shadows falling on the face.

    There are a variety of types available, the most popular being; LED frameless with the lighting in front of the mirror on the edge, lighting on the front of the mirror but an inch to two inside the edge creating a frame for the inside of the mirror, and backlit mirrors.

    Backlit LED lighted mirrors, as the name suggests, have the lights behind the mirror itself as opposed to in front. These mirrors create a stunning feature in the bathroom as the light not only projects forward but also out to its perimeters throwing a feature light on the adjacent walls and ceiling. Backlit mirrors are often a preference for makeup application as the light provides a more true colour reflection.

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