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What are the different types of RV LED lights?


Published by admin February 22,2024

RV LED Lights

As I mentioned earlier, the amount of LED lights variation is borderline insane. But RV LED light manufacturers do separate these products in two different ways, by structure and purpose, to make things a bit easier.

  • Structure Classification

This classification divides the LED lights based on their designs. Knowing what construction buyers want for their LEDs is a pivotal step in selecting the proper choice.

  • Bar/Tube RV LED Lights

Bar/Tube RV LED lights have a design similar to what you see from fluorescent lamps. It allows these products to offer a great deal of light that can brighten up large areas in a single shot. RV owners often use them to illuminate kitchens or living room areas.

You can also use them for recessed lighting to give your RV interior lighting a bit more elegance. Some campers who enjoy activities such as hiking use these lights on their doorstops to make their rigs more visible from a distance.

  • Bulb/Dome RV LED Lights

Motorhome owners looking to light a smaller, specific area like a cabinet, nightstand, desk would do better with these light options. Bulb/Dome RV LED lights can be convenient solutions in these cases because they can mount onto ceilings or other compact surfaces.

  • Purpose Classification

This classification divides the LED lights based on how an RV owner intends to use them. It makes choosing an option built for your specific needs a whole lot easier.

  • LED Lights for RVs Interior

These lights are meant for usage inside your motorhome. RVers can place them in their living room, in the driver’s section, kitchen, and other interior spaces. As a result, most standard LED lights usually fall into this classification.

  • LED Lights for RVs Exterior

LED lights designed for exterior usage are intended to be set up outside your rig. These lights will ensure you have good visibility of the road ahead. You can expect them to include signal lights, sidelights, backlights, and doorstep lighting fixtures.

Buyers should also ensure these lights are weatherproof to keep them in ideal condition. Otherwise, weather conditions like snow or rain could make them malfunction as regular LED light bulbs for RV interior usage would.

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