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What are the trends of indoor lighting design in 2019?


Published by admin August 15,2022

Nowadays indoor lighting design is more and more important in modern society. People want to improve their home design through indoor lighting. Today, the lighting functions of LED lighting and other functions have been intertwined, and humanization and intelligence are the trends of lighting. For example, the led puck lights in living room will be connected with sensor to achieve a more intelligent effect. What are the trends of indoor lighting design in 2019?


Light affects our lives in many ways, including our health, mood, productivity, attention, sleep cycle, decision making and more. With the adoption of smart home indoor lighting and the Internet+, lighting features such as color, intensity and time can be automatically adjusted to meet people's needs. For example, in a living room that uses a "watching mode", the biosensor tracks the viewer's attention and subtly changes the spectrum to automatically increase the appeal at any time. Human lighting is an important trend, people's interest in it is increasing, and the application in home is getting wider and wider. Just like the increasingly intelligent home lighting, it has become the trend of the indoor lighting.

indoor lightingindoor lighting

Exquisite lighting

Today, in the sense of living experience, the simple and succinct lighting rule of the traditional "one room, one light" is no longer able to satisfy us, but more inclined to use the basic lighting + accent lighting + decorative lighting method. With LED down lights, the combination of LED spotlights, floor lamps, LED track lights and other auxiliary light sources is to enrich the lighting level of the home, refined decentralized LED lamps, and simple decoration, emphasizing the sense of stretch on the space. It not only makes The demand for home activities is guaranteed, but also  the texture of the whole house has also gone up.


In the trends of indoor lighting in 2019, people obviously pay more attention to the functionality of the decoration, including furniture accessories and lighting fixtures. If the beautiful design is not functional, it can only be flashy and will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, the selection of practical and beautiful indoor home lighting has become a top priority. This has new requirements for the main lighting represented by LED down lights - not only the appearance is exquisite, but also the light science, effective anti-glare, with high index.

Smart sensors

With the further development of LED lighting, intelligent controllers, as the shapers behind LED lights, have also penetrated into home indoor lighting. With the intelligent controller and smart sensors, the lighting of the entire home area can be coordinated to provide more humanized scene lighting.

indoor lightingindoor lighting

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