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Where 12V & 24V Led Strip Suitable Use and Why?


Published by admin April 16,2024

how do you know 12V led strip and 24v led strip which is best for your particular lighting project? Both can provide plenty of brightness and are offered in multiple color temperatures.

The 12V product line is going to have the largest range of options when it comes to varying brightness levels and color temperatures. We offer four different brightness options and six different colors all listed below. The 12V LED product line is the optimal choice for most residential applications. The one limitation of the 12V LED strips is the max length you can run before there is a noticeable voltage drop. Voltage drop occurs when there isn’t enough voltage to make it to the end of the LED strip, causing the end of the strip to look dimmer than the beginning of the strip. 

This makes 12V LED strips the perfect choice for under cabinet lighting, above cabinet lighting, toe kick lighting, backlighting, shelf lighting, and more. The general rule of thumb is if you do not need to exceed lighting over 20ft in one run, then choose 12V LED lighting for your project. It will be more cost-effective and you will have more customization options for your project.

12v led strip

Our 24V Product line has the least amount of options for brightness and color temperature but are well suited for specific tasks. We offer two different brightness options and three different color options that are listed out below. 24V LED strips allow us to run massive lengths up to 33.3’ while still maintaining a brighter light output than most of the 12V LED product lines.

This makes the 24V LED Strips perfect for soffit lighting, retail space, or areas where a lot of downlight is needed. The 100ohm Mega Bright is capable of going up to 550 lumens/ft which is double the brightness any of the 12V LED strips can accomplish. If you need to light up an entire room or have a large room with a soffit, the 24V LED strips are the perfect choice. Since voltage drop is minimal you can get away with lighting whole rooms with one or two LED strips.


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