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How to Install led lighting in your RV ?


Published by admin September 28,2023

When you want to replace your old halogen light with an led light for your caravan, do you know how to install them? 

The first step in the installation process is to determine the type, quantity, and location of your RV lighting desired. LED strip lights are generally the preferred choice for running a length of lighting and are often used as under cabinet lighting, awning lights  in caravan, and other accents. Puck lights are generally used to light a more select or specific area like room ceiling.

If outdoor led strip lights are needed, be sure to select waterproof led strip lights that are rated IP64 or greater. Interior led boat lights and RV lighting do not need the high IP rating so greater focus can be placed on style, usage, and led color. This panel light will be a good choose for your RV.

rv interior light

Control methodology is the next decision to be made in the installation process. One possibility is to tap into existing RV or boat wiring that is controlled by a switch. Alternatively, a new control system will need to be installed such as a manual dial or remote control. If the intent is to tap into the vehicle’s electrical system, the lighting selected must match it, for instance both the vehicle and lighting must be 12 Volt DC.

Once the lighting and controls selections are made, the layout and installation can begin. Installation in camper and marine applications is generally simpler than in residential applications because there is no need to utilize a driver to transform 120 Volt AC to low voltage DC (12V or 24V). Power from the vehicle must be wired into the new control and the lighting must be wired back to the same control device. Or the lighting can be wired into the controlled circuit that currently exists.

Many users will wire waterproof led strip lights directly back to the battery of their boat or RV. In these camper and marine led lights 12v waterproof cases, we suggest the addition of a fuse into the circuit near the positive battery terminal.

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