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Fitled New Arrivels: 12-24V LED RV Reading Light!


Published by admin November 29,2022

Hello everyone, we have developed some new interior lighting for RV and Boat interior: LED RV Reading Light. At moment we have RV Interilr Panel Light, RV interior puck light, replacement bulbs, led rv reading light for you choose the best suitable type for you RV and Boat.

DC12-24V Dimmable & 3 Color Change Bedside RV Reading Light with USB

Dimmable & 3 Color Change Bedside RV Reading Light with USB

The beauty of RVs and boats is they’re multifunctional. It can be a form of transport, an office, a party spot, or a sleeping nest. Meaning yes, it’s a reading light, but you’ll use it for other things too. That’s what makes this reading light so appropriate. It has one-touch dimming so you can brighten the lamp for reading or dim it to guard against nightmares.

And the short neck swivels 360° to offer directional light and flexibility.

That swivel neck is probably the most important feature. It lets you adjust the angle of the lights so they can point directly at your book or workstation. So you’ll strain your neck (and your eyes) less. And because the lights come as a pair, you can play with their angles to create a larger or smaller arc of light. You could – for example – bounce the beam off a glossy wall.

The dimmer is step-less so there’s no maximum or minimum and you can’t break the button. LED have three colors you can change 3000/4000/6000K, so you can choose confortable light when you reading or sleeping.  Another benefit is the elongated swivel neck. It’s flexible and bends in all directions so you can tug it closer or switch the angle to avoid straining. Plus – the disc base has a USB port so you can charge your phone or any other device without getting out of bed. Sweet!

Let’s talk about dimensions. We’ve mentioned the stretched neck – 5.5 inches at full length. The tapered lampshade is 1.8 inches long and the base disc measures 2.3 inches across. The wiring on these lights is color-coded as well, with a red positive and a black negative. 

The flexible neck and USB jack are make these the best LED reading spotlights for RV and boat. The light uses 2W and comes with all the hardware you need, including a hex wrench.

DC12-24V Slim-line RV Reading Light with Flexible Neck

Slim-line RV Reading Light with Flexible Neck

When you’re scouting LED reading lights for RV and boat, it’s obvious they should be multidirectional. After all, cabins have limited space so you don’t have as many light fixtures. So it’s ideal if you can turn and tweak the one you have, and that’s where swivel functionality comes in. But if you don’t like that stretchy textured look, you can opt for this type of neck.

The smooth slim-line design has a clean modern look (especially compared to the vintage ‘ribbed faucet’ styling. This reading light comes in various sub-models so be sure you buy the right one. There’s a 3W version with a long, narrow lampshade. The 2W version has a shorter, wider bulb housing. But both reading lamps have sunken bulbs to reduce glare.

This reading light has other variations. You can buy it with Touch Dimming Switch or Rock Switch, and you can select one color like 3000/4000/6000K, or three color change. It’s a long light with 11.8-inch neck. 

For loves of style and light, this slim-line reading lamp is a visual pleasure. It comes in two variants with different sizing, shapes, luminosity, and beams. They’re great for kids.

What type of Reading light are installed in your RV house? 

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