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What You Should Consider When You Use LED Reading Light?


Published by admin November 29,2022

What You Should Consider When You Use LED Reading Light?

As a RV Interior Lighting Manufacturer, we manufacture many type of led lighting for RV, such as led panel lighting for ceiling, undercabinet light, led puck light....etc. Today we just talk about two samplest things that need to be considered when you choose a led reading light for your camper or caravan, motorhome.

Usually, LED Reading lights are intended for accent effects. They might highlight the bed, a piece of artwork, a sentimental portrait, or serve as layered ambient lights. You might even install more than one. But if you’re mounting these lights on the wall – whether it’s in the bedroom of the kitchen homework nook, there are specific factors you need to consider.

Of course, the first two considerations are lumens and watts. Reading lights are task lights but you don’t want to harm your eyes, so keep them under 5,000K, which is the upper limit for cool white light. Anything above that is ‘daylight’ and is likely to keep you awake. Our lighting come with touch dimming and CCT color change switch, so you can adjust led color 3000K/4000K/6000K, and can choose a right led color when you do reading or sleeping. So if you work the night shift and you don’t want to doze off, you can go for those higher luminosities. As for watts, you want minimal usage, both to conserve energy and to lower your power bill. Most domestic lights range between 500 lumens and 1,000 lumens. You can get that FROM A 40W tungsten bulb or a 5W-10W LED. Reading lights should be about 400 to 800 lumens depending on your reading location and duration. Let’s look at more window-shopping factors.

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