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What Kind of LED Lighting You Can Use for Your Closet?


Published by admin December 02,2023

The LED lighting we choose for home furniture interior has become much more sophisticated over the years (such as undercabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting,  cove lighting, etc.). So why should closet lighting be any different? At Fitled Company, we’re proud to offer many great closet lighting solutions solutions that are stylish and highly functional.

Lighted closet rod. Lighted closet rods will help you avoid eyestrain as you search through your closet for the perfect outfit. No more mistaking black pants for navy blue. And textures of your suits will be easier to see as well.

Lighted closet rod

LED tape lighting. LED tape lighting is a flexible strip of lighting, sometimes with self-adhesive backing. Some LED tape is easy to cut, which makes for easier installation as well.

You can use tape lighting in a variety of ways: as a toe kick, under shelves to illuminate the shelf below, inside display or glass cabinets, or simply as an accent that provides visual interest.  

For added panache, you can place your LED tape lighting in an extrusion, which is a channel (often made out of aluminum). Extrusions will extend the life of the tape, and you can lens it to diffuse the light better. Some extrusions made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) can be painted to complement your closet’s overall aesthetic.

led tape

 Puck lighting. As the name suggests, puck lights resemble hockey pucks. Puck lights can be recessed or surface mounted. Since they create a cone of light, they can add light into places where your overhead light might not reach all the way.

puck light

If you have questions about closet lighting or need some direction or advice on how to get started with a lighting plan for your closet, we’re happy to help! 

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