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Why Choose LEDs for Home Indoor Lighting?


Published by admin November 29,2022


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Led lighting is the most popular choice on the market, not only for indoor lighting. While we could spend endless hours praising this solution, we have put together the most significant benefits that come with choosing lights for your bedroom, living room, bathroom and any other place that may need some illumination.

If you think about all the energy used by regular fluorescent, incandescent or indoor halogen lights, you can divide it in half to get an estimated amount of energy used by LEDs. So, it makes this solution not only environmentally friendly but also highly cost-efficient - LEDs need significantly less energy to work optimally as most of it is converted into light. It is especially beneficial if you choose them to light up places where they are switched on for longer periods. Additionally, LEDs don't contain any mercury as it's not used during the manufacturing process - therefore, they are safer.

Moreover, LEDs don't burn out or fail like incandescent lights. Of course, their exact lifespan will depend on many factors, such as how you use them, what kind of fixtures you have, and more, but they will last much longer than regular lights - between 30,000–50,000 hours on average. Then, when their end is nearing, they start to dim little by little, so you can prepare and buy new bulbs beforehand. All that reduces the costs involved in purchasing and replacing new bulbs.

What's more, we also suggest that when renovating your home to check out other products such as adding a Pop Up Plug Socket to your kitchen.

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