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What Functional Lighting in Hotel Interior Design Do You Know?


Published by admin November 29,2022

In hotel interior design, except main lighting like ceiling light, funtional lighting is also an essential part. There are seven types you need to have when you do hotel interior design:

  • General ambient lighting for the room and bath – provides not just visibility, but sets the mood, as well. you can use puck light.
  • Task lighting for reading in bed or working at the desk – can be either a desk lamp or headboard lamp.

reading lamp

  • Mirror lighting – can be bulbs around the mirror or a larger light above it.
  • Overhead lighting in the bath area – a warm, non-glare light helps guests stay safe.
  • Accent lighting – although it adds to visibility, its main purpose is to create atmosphere. You can use

accent light

  • Closet lighting – this can be a light right inside or just outside but pointing to the inside.

closet light

  • Subtle night lights – your guests are in an unfamiliar environment which, unlike when they’re at home, they can’t navigate with their eyes closed. A soft light under desks, under the bed, and/or along the walls can help them find their way without having to turn on the harsher lights. It also creates that feeling of being safe at home.

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