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Fitled NEW RV & Marine Lights Arrivals !


Published by admin September 28,2023

Recently, Fitled researched and developed serval types of new 12V 24V LED Interior Lighting for RV/ Camper/ Campervan/ Motorhome/ Travel Trailer/ Marine/ Boat/ Yacht manufacturers,  retailers, and wholesalers .....Let's us have a look!

First type:  Dimming & 3 Color TEM RV Ceiling Dome Light

This RV Interior Ceiling Light with CCT Change & Dimming Switch, work DC12-24V 10W 3000K/4000K/6000K, it dimming degree is 25%-100%, lumen range: 3000K  280-980lm,  4000K 300-1000lm, 6000K 320-1020lm.

Compared with the old double replacement ceiling dome light, it is slimmer and can't see any led dots on the surface, lights is softer.

RV Ceiling Dome LightRV ceiling Dome LightRV Ceiling dome lightRV ceiling dome light

Second Type: LED Puck Light

This RV Puck Light have recessed mount and surface mount two types, can come up with 4W/6W/12W/18W different wattage to meet client's needs. This RV Lights fixtures have a nice 'even' soft light, no leds can be seen on the light surface. High quality aluminun profile with acrylic lampshade. Full Aluminum - keeps radiating heat away from LED chip board so as to increase the lifespan of them. High quality leds, soft light without LED dots and flash screen- effectively protect your eyes from strong light and reflected glare

RV Puck LightRV puck Light

RV puck light

If you want to more product information welcome feel free to contact us sales to get a product catalog !

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