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What LED Lighting You Can Use in Your Closet?


Published by admin April 16,2024

The lighting of closets and cupboards in a home is very important but always be neglected. Although these are highly functional spaces for homeowners, it is not uncommon for builders to completely disregard them when it comes to lighting, opting for old fashioned incandescent, or unsightly fluorescent bulbs, if anything at all. The result of this oversight is often less-than-functional lighting, especially in larger walk-in closets, where many areas may be left in shadow.

If you’re struggling to see in your dimly-lit closet, and are looking for a solution, we have good news– you’re not alone! And you’ve come to the right place!

As with any lighting project, a successful install begins with high-quality products. The numerous advantages and general superiority of LED lighting have been well documented on our blog, as well as by many other reputable sources. FITLED LED panels and closet hanger are particularly ideal for closet lighting applications thanks to their “cool-to-the-touch” operating temperature, lack of UV/IR output, and of course, low-voltage power draw. These factors help to ensure that even in the tightest spaces, your valuables will be safe from excessive heat, color-fading, or electrical hazards.

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